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At Kleiner Feldman Plotkin we work directly with families who have recently lost a loved one, as well with the D.C. Superior Court Probate Division, to ensure that personal estates and properties are settled and distributed to beneficiaries in the manner the deceased had intended.

In doing this work, we:

  •   ensure the will is valid;

  •   identify the property involved;

  •   have the property value appraised;

  •   identify and notify creditors;

  •   determine assets;

  •   pay debts;

  •   prepare and file tax returns; and

  •   distribute the estate per the will or state law.

We understand these are especially difficult times, as we’ve each been in a similar situation with our own parents or grandparents. We, therefore, pride ourselves on being as expedient as possible throughout the probate process. Former clients have praised us for our efficiencies, experience, and compassion in doing this highly sensitive work.

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