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Welcome to a new way of viewing employment law.

If you think lawyers make things more complicated and difficult -- be prepared to be surprised.  Our common-sense approach to solving problems, before they happen or whenever they occur, helps our clients focus their energies on achieving their goals.

A well-run workplace means the synergy between employers and employees benefits all participants.  This means better morale, shared goals, mutual respect and the right employees managed correctly to maximize productivity and satisfaction.  The key is partnering with the right attorney -- and asking the right questions.  

Kleiner Feldman Plotkin can help you with all aspects of the employment relationships - from best practices in hiring, to minimizing risk when terminating an employment relationship; from drafting policies and retirement plans to trainings on discrimination law and implicit bias; from defending employers before administrative agencies such as OSHA, DoL or EEOC to litigating discrimination claims in state or federal courts.  We know the questions to ask and how to go about handling each situation in the manner that enables our clients to achieve the solutions they need.

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