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Of the 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in D.C., only 79 have earned the honor to be appointed cases by the D.C. Superior Court Probate Division for the 4-year term beginning February 2020, representing D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. We are privileged to serve as conservators for the physically and mentally incapacitated; as personal representatives for the deceased; and as guardian ad litem for a minor when he or she cannot be cared for by his or her parent.

Chief Justice Robert E. Morin put together a panel of seven esteemed judges to form the Recommendation of Full Panel Members - "attorneys who were highly-rated according to the input of judicial officers or who have demonstrated an exceptional degree of professionalism in their practice of law, in particular, in their representation of incapacitated individuals and their serving as either counsel or personal representative in the administration of decedent's estates…allowing attorneys with a significant commitment to representing under-served populations an opportunity to contribute to the work of the Court.”

Our work on each individual case is unique. We may serve as a financial fiduciary or as a  guardian/ conservator over an individual or his/her property (or both), depending on the terms and needs and as outlined by the Judge.

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