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Companies of every size must follow U.S. employment law. This determines when an employer can hire employees and when employees may work. It states what employers must pay employees, and sets minimum requirements for employees’ working conditions.


At Kleiner Feldman Plotkin we help both employers and employees understand their U.S. labor rights. We advise in best practices and contract negotiations. We help...


Planning your estate. For many this is a tough topic to broach but it is an important one. And it is one most people should seriously look at in three distinct stages of their lives—parenthood, middle age, and near retirement.


If you have a child or if you are 30 years or older, we recommend you have a will drawn up outlining your wishes should an injury...


Of the 100,ooo attorneys licensed to practice law in D.C., only 79 have earned the honor to be appointed cases by the D.C. Superior Court Probate Division to represent D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. We are privileged to serve as conservators for the incapacitated; as personal representatives for the deceased; and as a guardian ad litem for a minor when he or she...

(non-profits and for profit)

When setting up a new business, it’s important to choose the business model that best suits your business, your growth goals, your customer base, and the law presiding over the region in which your business is based. We can help you in determining the options and best choices to meet your long-term goals.


Synergistically, we can help you understand other laws that will impact your business success. These vary from employee considerations; working with...


At Kleiner Feldman Plotkin we work directly with families who have recently lost a loved one, as well with the D.C. Superior Court Probate Division, to ensure that personal estates and properties are settled and distributed to beneficiaries in the manner the deceased had intended. We identify and notify creditors; determine assets; pay debts; prepare and file tax returns; and distribute the estate per the will or state law. We understand these are especially difficult times, as we have each been in a similar situation with our own parents or grandparents...


"After being declined for Medicare three times over 18 months, I sought legal advice. I wish I'd found Kleiner Feldman Plotkin sooner.


Lisa took my case, organized my timeline, and assembled all of my necessary documentation. She contacted agencies in D.C. and called people at SSA (and this during the pandemic lockdown when offices were closed and people worked remotely).


Within weeks I had a phone appointment with SSA. That 45 minute call was all it took for SSA to sort out my paperwork and grant me Medicare AND my much earned pension.

I cannot be more grateful. Thank you, Lisa!


A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and a years worth of worry and anxiety dissolved in minutes."

      - T.K.

"The mortgage was in my name and I needed to know that if I died first he'd have our home to remain in without having to move or sell.

Lisa listened and suggested a Transfer Upon Death Deed. Within a few days and a few documents, years of worry disappeared.

These are some

of the smartest, kindest. most resourceful and CONNECTED people you will ever meet."

- Marie

(202) 567-7603